I don’t know about you ladies but there’s nothing quite like a bit of cheesy feelgood 80’s to put me in a great mood and you can’t get more feelgood than Wham! can you really?! 🙂 and let me tell you the new Netflix film is so heart warming that it will leave you feeling good for days not to mention dancing around your living room!

It’s more than just a story of the group’s fame and success it’s a story of a geniune heart warming friendship between two best friends George and Andrew! It tells the story of how the two young school boys had a dream of being in a band together and basically living their best lives instead of being tied down to the traditional 9 – 5 like their parents had wanted and the film gives us the full back story from the very start and how they very almost didnt make it at all…. And I mean could you possibly imagine a world without Wham?!

You get to hear both Andew’s story and also George’s from an old interview which gives fascinating insights into not only the band and the boys lives before and during Wham’s huge success but also into aspects of both their personalities which you will be quite surprised by.


I don’t want to say too much about it and give it all away before you’ve watched it but it’s an absolute much watch.

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