In a world where it sometimes feels like it’s a constant struggle to stay positive and not let all of the bad news stories and daily stresses affect us, here are some proven tips to improve your happiness.

10 proven ways to be happy

Practice Gratitude

I have spoken about this before but Gratitude is a powerful (if not THE most powerful) happiness booster. By acknowledging the good things in our lives, even if sometimes we need to search a little harder for them when it feels like nothing is going your way but by pinpointing just a few little things that we are grateful for in our lives we shift our focus from what’s missing to the abundance that’s already present. Try keeping a daily gratitude journal, noting down three things you’re grateful for each day however small they may be.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

Positivity is a choice. Even in challenging times, maintaining a positive mindset can help us navigate life with more grace and resilience. Remember, it’s not the situation, but how we respond to it, that determines our happiness so always try to find the silver lining in every bad situation and you will find that there is always one no matter how small.

10 proven ways to be happy

Connect with Others

Social connections and meaningful relationships contribute so significantly to our happiness so spend quality time with your loved ones, nurture your friendships, and don’t hesitate to get out there and meet new people or volunteer at a local charity, this is a great way to met new people with the added benefit of making a difference to society .. a double dopamine boost!

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity is so important when it comes to our mental health, it releases all of those feel good endorphins, and regular exercise can hugely improve your mood, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. It doesnt have to be a massive Gym session just a gentle bit of exercise like a walk which i find massively helps me feel so much better both mentally and physically. Simply stick on some feelgood tunes and off you go, even if just for 15 mins, it really does have a big impact.

Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is not selfish; it’s necessary for our happiness and we’re no good to anyone else if we’re not filling up our own cup of wellness first. Selfcare means something different to all of us but it can involve anything from taking a relaxing bath, reading a book, to pursuing a hobby or simply having nap or an early night, I like to make Sunday afternoon’s my self care day and i always give myself an at home facial and paint my nails etc.

10 proven ways to be happy

Practice Mindfulness

Being present and mindful can greatly increase our happines and thsi is something that can often be quite tricky in our world of technology and ever present notifications but whether it’s savouring a meal, enjoying a walk, or simply focusing on your breath for a few moments, mindfulness helps us appreciate the beauty of now and helps us forget our troubles and fears even if just for a short while, and the more you practice it the more you will notice the benefits.

Set and Achieve Goals

How great do you feel when you finally tick off that thing on your list that you’ve been wanting to get done for ages?! Damn good right? Well setting and achieving goals gives us a sense of purpose and achievement plus it causes our brains to release a little boost of Dopamine which is our happy hormone!

Embrace the Power of Laughter

We all know the saying that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and it really is. It releases truck loads of dopamine, lifts our mood, and brings a sense of joy not to forget that it’s so infectious. So watch a funny movie or TV show, share a joke, recall some funny memories and let laughter fill your life

10 proven ways to be happy

Practice Kindness

Random acts of kindness not only bring happiness to others but also to ourselves. It creates a positive ripple effect that can make the world a happier place.

Smile More

Did you know that there is actually evidence that smiling even when you don’t feel like it trick your brain into thinking it’s really happy plus just like laughter, it’s infectious and will makes other people around you happy too!

10 Proven ways to be happy

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