The Rise of Preloved Fashion – Purse & Planet Friendly Style!


5 Reasons why you should be shopping Preloved Fashion

If you are a regular user of any social media site, particularly Instagram or Tik Tok I can almost guarantee that you have been bombared with influencers pushing the latest drops on the highstreet by showing their weekly hauls and convincing you that you NEED the latest viral trend piece which often sells out within days as everyone rushes to buy it which is not only detrimental to our bank balance but can also really effect our mental state when trying to keep up with it all and trying to keep our finances in check BUT recently there has been a major shift and us women are really thinking about what we are spending our money on and turning our backs on fast fashion to embrace preloved secondhand pieces which personally i’m thrilled about for a number of reasons which are all listed below and if you havent jumped on the preloved bandwagon then hopfully you this will convince you to make the switch.

Preloved sustainable fashion

Personally I have always loved a good thrifting session and would do it back when it was deemed uncool or almost embarrassing. I grew up in time where they would be regular jumble sales which to me where a real treasure trove of goodies particulary as I grew up in a single parent family with little financial resources so i would love to make the most of secondhand clothing to try to fit in with my peers.

These days sites such as Vinted have gained massive popularity with a whooping 8 million users just in the UK alone which says alot really doesn’t it. I think its a mixture of the cost of living as well has people wanting to support more sustainable fashion.

So what are the benefits of shopping preloved?

Well, firstly you will be saving a huge amount of money compared to buying new and I often find that I come across items that I have seen and admired in stores such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, H&M, Reiss etc and these pieces have often only been worn once or twice and are being sold for a 3rd of the price that I would of paid brand new so it really is a no brainer! To give you an example, I have purchased dresses that would of been around £50 to buy new in store just a couple of months prior that i’ve purcahsed for just £7 on Vinted!

It will make you more stylish! Yes that’s right because you can shop beautiful and unique vintage pieces that nobody else will be wearing and you really can afford to play around with your style a bit more because you are spending much less and don’t worry beacuse if you really don’t like something once it arrives you can just resell it so that you haven’t lost any money.

You can invest in luxury, quality pieces at a bargain price! Think cashmere jumpers and designer bags, shoes and accessories and a fraction of the price. Now you have to be careful with this and really do your reserach and know what it is you are looking for so that you don’t get duped into buying a fake but as long as you are aware and have knowledge of shopping secondhand designer good then you will be fine. Also avoid anyone without any feedback or a weird looking user name as that’s a massive red flag. I have purchased many designer items which have all been authenticated from designer brands such as Hermes, Prada, Celine, Dior, Jimmy Choo & Gucci, all at purse friendly prices and these are all beautiful timeless luxury pieces that can be tressured forever and passed down to generations or resold.

Preloved sustainable fashion

You are helping the planet by putting a stop to fast fashion and all that landfill.

It’s so much fun and can really lift your mood! The buzz of finding a beautiful item at a bargain basement price is sooooo much fun and really does make you feel good so it’s a great and easy way to lift your mood whilst not feeling guilty about spending money.

So there you have it .. Happy Thrifting! 🙂

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  1. I think this is a great option to help protect the planet, fast fashion and the volume of clothes ending up being thrown away (that could be worn again) is alarming. I like the idea of shopping more pre-loved items as a way to do this!

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